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Book Review: BLOOD OF INNOCENTS by Mitchell Hogan


As Caldan and his companions flee the city, horrors from the time of the Shattering begin to close in.

With Miranda’s mind broken by forbidden sorcery, Caldan is forced to disobey the most sacrosanct laws of the Protectors if he is to have any chance of healing her.

But when one of the emperor’s warlocks arrives to take control of him, he begins to suspect his burgeoning powers may be more of a curse than a blessing, and that the enemies assailing the empire may be rivaled by even more sinister forces within.

Oh, what a book. I am always extra delighted when the second book in a series manages to surpass the first. It can be easy to effectively waste the book on setting up the climax to the series, much as can happen in any plot arc.

There’s none of that here.

There is a lot more world building in this book, which I was very grateful for, but the story was absolutely not sacrificed in doing so. In my review of A Crucible of Souls, I compared Mitchell Hogan’s writing to Matthew Reilly’s, and the comparison holds. The writing throughout was skilful and I found it quite impossible not to get sucked all the way in.

I really enjoyed the extra time with Felice, she’s probably my favourite character in the whole series. I’m very much looking forward to what she achieves in book three! The rest of the characters are as fascinating as in book one, perhaps even more so as we see them develop, and I’m really interested in what Amerdan in particular does next. I find him quite fascinating in a train-wreck kind of way.

In all, a very strong continuation of the series, and I really can’t wait to get my hands on book three!


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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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