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Book Review: HALF A KING by Joe Abercrombie


Betrayed by his family and left for dead, Prince Yarvi, reluctant heir to a divided kingdom, has vowed to reclaim a throne he never wanted.

But first he must survive cruelty, chains and the bitter waters of the Shattered Sea itself – all with only one good hand. Born a weakling in the eyes of a hard, cold world, he cannot grip a shield or swing an axe, so he has sharpened his mind to a deadly edge.

Gathering a strange fellowship of the outcast, he finds they can help him more than any noble could. Even so, Yarvi’s path may end as it began – in twists, traps and tragedy…

The first time I encountered Joe Abercrombie, I was grabbing books at random in the Christchurch library. Best random grabby hands ever, as he’s now become one of my favourite authors.

Half a King feels like a slight departure from previous works. It’s shorter and snappier, which makes for a nice and easy read, but at times also left me longing for the complexity of previous series. Being a shorter novel than many in this category doesn’t take away from the fantastic writing, world-building, characterisation and plot.

I spent a lot of time unsure what to think about the main character, Yarvi. I love his tone and attitude, he’s quite sassy and I’m a sucker for that. But beyond that, he doesn’t have many redeeming features. That said, a large portion of the secondary characters more than made up for any of Yarvi’s shortcomings.

This series has officially been deemed YA and I’m not sure I see that. It’s definitely a great starting point for anyone wanting to check out epic fantasy without getting lost in something as long and complex as Game of Thrones, and I highly recommend it to any and all fantasy fans.

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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