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Book Review: INQUISITOR by Mitchell Hogan

Inquisitor Angel Xia, former mercenary turned detective, is used to being the hunter. But on another routine murder investigation the bodies begin to pile up, and Angel finds herself a target of sinister powers determined to conceal the truth.
The hunter has just become the hunted.
Betrayed by those she trusted most, and barely escaping assassination attempts, Angel receives a cryptic message from child begging for her help. Framed for horrific crimes, the only chance to clear her name is inextricably linked to a little girl – but the enemy is on her heels.
Running for her life, Angel races to forgotten places at the edges of known space that hold the darkest secrets of humanity…and the greatest threat to its future.

And all will be determined by what she chooses to do next. That is…if she can stay alive.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a huge sci-fi fan. The majority  of the time, the science side of things is so far beyond me that I simply can’t enjoy the story – I don’t understand enough about the theory to know what’s going on. So, when I find something that isn’t just understandable, but enjoyable, well I just cling to that book like the world is ending.

This is one such book.

I really enjoyed how it moved through several genres as the story progressed and developed, but without losing its way. It kept the plot fresh and moving. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews of Mitchell’s work, he has an excellent sense of rhythm with his work, and is fantastic at keeping the plot moving at a relatively quick pace, without sacrificing detail, character development or worldbuilding.

I also really enjoyed the characters, it was hard not to feel for Angel as she navigated her harsh new world. Charlotte-Rose creeped the hell out of me, but that was also fantastic in its own way. Everyone ought to be creeped out sometimes, and she was definitely intriguing.

Highly recommended to anyone with even a passing interest in sci-fi, it’s well worth the time spent.

Publisher: Self published
Release Date: 12th June 2015
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