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Book Review: WE RIDE THE STORM by Devin Madson

War built the Kisian Empire and war will tear it down. And as an empire falls, three warriors rise.

Caught in a foreign war, Captain Rah e’Torin and his exiled warriors will have to fight or die. Their honour code is all they have left until orders from within stress them to breaking point, and the very bonds that hold them together will be ripped apart.

Cassandra wants the voice in her head to go away. Willing to do anything for peace, the ageing whore takes an assassination contract that promises answers, only the true price may be everyone and everything she knows.

A prisoner in her own castle, Princess Miko doesn’t dream of freedom but of the power to fight for her empire. As the daughter of a traitor the path to redemption could as easily tear it, and her family, asunder.

As an empire dies they will have to ride the storm or drown in its blood.

This book was a bloody revelation, and I do mean that in several senses of “bloody”. Devin Madson has created a world that keeps you hooked from beginning to end, not just to find out who actually survives, but because it’s just so interesting.

Each of the three main characters were a delight to read, and all had unique perspectives on the world and their place in it. I particularly enjoyed seeing Rah put in increasingly difficult positions and struggling to reconcile it with his moral compass, and watching Miko’s determination to thrive in a world that dismisses women. Having three first person POV throws you right in the middle of everything, and I really enjoyed that. Word of warning to those who are, like me, easily confused – use the symbols at the beginning of each chapter to keep track of characters.

The writing and world building were immersive, and I found it very easy to lose track of time while reading. Madson has a wonderful turn of phrase that conveys so much detail without any waste at all, and it really keeps the story moving along without losing any depth.

A lot of people have said this book is really dark and grim, and I didn’t it particularly so, but it definitely doesn’t shy away from the darker side of things. I cannot wait to see what happens in book two, and the rest of the series!

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