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Nov 14, 2015 - Uncategorized    No Comments

Today’s crafting adventure. I have a crocheted frame for it, just need to stuff it. I plan on making a few more of these (2 Hufflepuffs and a Gryffindor) for birthday/Christmas presents, and a Ravenclaw one for me.

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Photos are terrible, but this is how I’ve spent most of my day. Some are already bookmarked (!) for people, but if there’s any interest, I’ll list the rest on etsy. I think they’d make cute secret santa gifts. 

I have a few other colours and combinations, and I have plans for Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff themed pom poms and flowers (and other flower designs, if I can make them work out).

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Also thrilled by @the-yachronicles Volume 2 arriving yesterday!

The Timeless Hearts melts smell good enough to eat, I’ve been spinning the time turner all day trying to squeeze a few more hours out, and I’m too scared to muck up the beautiful TARDIS journal! 

Most importantly though, I’m really looking forward to reading The Next Together. I confess it’s not something I would have chosen for myself without a nudge, but consider me well and truly nudged! 

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Finally had a chance to take a photo of my #ninjabookswap parcels! 

Thank you Ruth, I foresee many hours of reading and a lovely scarf in my future!

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Today’s Dymocks book haul!

The Book of Lost Things is replacing a copy gifted to a friend, and The Messenger is for that same friend (although I love this cover so I think I’ll have to buy it again for myself). 

The other two are all for me though! I read Shadow and Bone on the way home, and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into The First Third

Also very in love with my The Little Prince undated(!!) weekly planner, and I love these page flags – I have another set of nature ones, and they’re just as cute. 

Not pictured is my welcome home ebook, The Hunt for Valamon by DK Mok, which is currently on sale for $1.40. 

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Yesterday’s book haul from Kinokuniya!

A friend has been recommending The Once and Future King forever, and I’ve wanted to read more of Hannu Rajaniemi ever since reading his collected fiction. I haven’t read anything by David Henley before, but I hear nothing but good things! 

Most of the books I was actually looking for were either not available or movie tie-in covers (I’m looking at you, The Martian) so today I’m going to have a quick(!) sniff around Dymocks.

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Can’t wait to get stuck into both of these lovelies from Harper Voyager AU and Pantera Press!