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Many moons ago, I lived in Christchurch.

While I was there, I read a series that left me feeling a bit fuzzy at the end. I couldn’t quite decide whether I liked it or not, or if I had any idea what was happening. I had always intended to go back and read it a second time, to try and figure it all out, but like so many things in that period of time, I completely forgot the specifics. In my head, it became “that weird series with lots of crows and stuff”. 

Definitely not helpful when doing a google search. I know, I tried. 

But! There’s some good news! Tor have just announced their new novella/short story imprint, and afflicted with curiosity as I am, I just had to check out their upcoming publications (you can see them here, if you’re interested). The very first title/author on the list is by K.J Parker. The name looked familiar, so of course I had to check and see what else has been written and BAM! There it was! The weird old crow book! 

Looking at the reviews on goodreads, I’m definitely not the only one who had such an ambivalent reaction, and that makes me a bit hesitant to go in for round two. 

TL/DR: I finally found the book I was looking for and am really excited about that, but I’m not sure if I want to read it again. 

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Please excuse the poor lighting, but I have been waiting two months for this to arrive and I am so excited!