Being an author is not always as simple as sitting down and writing all the words ever! There’s a lot of background and admin tasks that go into making your career successful, and that can take away from valuable writing time.

That’s where I come in.

I offer a range of services to help authors manage their day to day tasks, including:

* Social media management, including creating and scheduling posts and newsletter management
* Managing and responding to emails
* Website administration
* Goodreads book/author page management
* Creating and sending out press releases
* Soliciting and tracking reviews from bloggers
* Sourcing editors, proofreaders, cover artists, etc.
* Calendar management/travel bookings
* Research tasks

I also offer structural development and manuscript assessment services for speculative fiction works only.

Services can be purchased individually or as a package and can be for a specific event such as a book release, or an ongoing arrangement.


VA Tasks

My hourly rate is $30 for individual/ad hoc services. Hourly packages can be used over a 3 month period and are billed at time of booking. Packages start at 5 hours for $110. Know upfront that you’ll need more time? Contact me for quotes.

Structural Editing

Structural editing is an involved process that breaks down things like structure, plot and characterisation on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, I will make suggestions on where you can improve in those areas, and others, to make your manuscript the best it can be.

In addition, you will also receive an editorial report going into more detail about any suggestions made.

Works under 40,000 words – 0.008c/word. Minimum payment $200.
Works over 40,000 words – 0.01c/word. Minimum payment $500.

Manuscript Assessment

Manuscript assessments are an appraisal of your manuscript with more of a focus on how the reader is going to receive your work. I will provide an editorial report focussed on plot, characters and readability, with comments on what does and does not work throughout the manuscript.

All manuscripts $0.08c/word. Minimum payment $100

All prices listed are in Australian dollars.


Ready to get started? You can contact me here.