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Book Review: THE CANDY STORE by Michele Poague

Teenage orphan Jett finally finds happiness working in a Candy Store with older owners, Jay and Henry but an explosion in the store spins her world out of control. Fighting to find a way back to her old life and yet trying to protect her new found friends, Jett must make some hard decisions. So sure of herself in many ways in her old life, Jett finds that a simple turn of a phrase could spell disaster.


I quite enjoyed The Candy Store, it was a lovely exploration of the trials of growing up, fitting in and finding a place in the world. Watching Jett grow from a rough street kid to a lovely young lady was really fun, especially as it was more a case of her growing into herself rather than having to change to fit other people’s perceptions of who she should be – a mindset she challenged often throughout the book.

The supporting characters were also really fun. I particularly enjoyed the energy in the Doyle family, especially Josie. She was definitely a bright spark throughout the book.

I also really enjoyed the writing style. It was simple and easy to read, which made it very easy to get lost in the story. I don’t want to give any of the plot away, but I do think it was very well-handled, and the contrasts between where Jett grew up to where she landed also meshed nicely. There was just enough sense of “other” to highlight the
differences without being jarring.

All in all, a really great book, and one I’d recommend to anyone that likes historic/turn of the century fiction.

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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